WHO Bowl
December 9, 2017

Capital Bowl
Jefferson City, MO

The WHO Bowl winner for December is Fear Factor!

Fear Factor - 1st Place - 3398
John Neeley, Lorrie Whitener, Bill Bobbett,
Mike Harms and Dave Scott

That's What I Do - 2nd Place - 3336
Terry Lewis, Josh Porch, Gary Doolittle,
Bev Sommerer and Danny Mills

 The Heater Hosers - 3rd Place - 3331
Danny Schaffer, Nancy Schaffer, Darryl Coles,
Mike Engelbrecht and Matt Buxton

Drunk on a Lane - 4th Place - 3313
Cody Morrow, Jeremy Rowland, Jaclyn Morrow,
Aimee Laramore and Matt Kujath