WHO Bowl
December 8, 2018

Capital Bowl
Jefferson City, MO

Beginner's Luck wins the December WHO Bowl!

Beginner's Luck - 1st Place - 3447
John Neeley, Stephanie Fritz, Andy Fritz,
Will Fritz and Larry Fritz

April Fools - 2nd Place - 3297
David Ousley Jr., Dave Grieshammer, Chucks Clutts,
April Clutts and Mike Heinaman

 California Dreamers - 3rd Place - 3272
Donnie McGuire, Travis Dietzel, Rick Miller,
Don McClure and Brian Moffitt

F. Y. F. - 4th Place - 3271
Brian Lillevold, TJ Lewis, Jordan Alexander
 Ryan Loepke and John Alexander

Young Guns & Old Guys - 5th Place - 3264
Mark Garrison, Chris Marsh, Joey Damon
 Ryan Fuller and Jason Richards