WHO Bowl
October 13, 2018

Capital Bowl
Jefferson City, MO

The new WHO Bowl season starts with an April's Fools Win!

April's Fools - 1st Place - 3452
Chuck Clutts Jr., Mike Heinaman, April Clutts,
David Ousley Jr. and Jim Pfautsch

That's What I Do - 2nd Place - 3338
Terry Lewis, Darryl Coles, Danny Mills,
Eric Schrimp and Don McClure

 Young Guns & Old Guys - 3rd Place - 3308
Ron Astrino, Chris Marsch, Mark Garrison,
Ryan Fuller and Joey Damon

Fear Factor - 4th Place - 3219
Vicki Brenneke, Lorrie Whitener, Bill Bobbett
 Mark Evaniak and Miles McCoy