WHO Bowl
March 24, 2018

Capital Bowl
Jefferson City, MO

KY's Krew ends the season big by winning the March WHO Bowl
and taking home an extra $120 as the overall champion!

KY's Krew - 1st Place - 3437
Russ Mertz, Kevin Wansing, TJ Lewis,
Chris Sandbothe and Mandy Bax

Rookies - 2nd Place - 3346
Mike Forbis, Adam Mueller, Jeff Rook,
Earl Ousley and Karen Forbis

 The Heater Hosers - 3rd Place - 3330
John Alexander, Darryl Coles, Mike Engelbrecht,
Mike Manning and Willie Scott

Fear Factor - 4th Place - 3307
Dave Scott, Miles McCoy, Lorrie Whitener,
Bill Bobbett and Vicki Brenneke