WHO Bowl
March 2, 2019

Capital Bowl
Jefferson City, MO

Fear Factor takes the March 2019 WHO Bowl!
By winning the last two tournaments of the season
they also took the top spot as Over All Champions!

Thanks to all 31 teams that participated this season!
We will see you again in October!

Fear Factor - 1st Place - 3578
Bill Bobbett, Vicki Brenneke, Miles McCoy,
Tom Farrar and Doug Brenneke

Beginners Luck - 2nd Place - 3545
Will Fritz, Justin Bollinger, Kaitlyn Fritz,
Andy Fritz and Stephanie Fritz

 April's Fools - 3rd Place - 3301
Chuck Clutts Jr., April Clutts, Dave Grieshammer,
Jim Pfautsch and Damien Laird

Faders Rollers - 4th Place - 3277
Jon Walcott, Scott Ramsdell, Casey Creason,
 Bob Dierking and Zed Dougherty

Heater Hosers - 5th Place - 3240
Darryl Coles, Eric Schrimp, Mike Engelbrecht,
 Gary Doolittle and Mike Manning

FYF - 6th Place - 3208
Terry Lewis, Kirk Buffington, John Alexander,
 Terry Twehus and Ben Rosenfelder