WHO Bowl
February 10, 2018

Capital Bowl
Jefferson City, MO

The Hagen-hoes dominated the February WHO Bowl!

The Hagen-hoes - 1st Place - 3627
Gary Clouse, Sean Clouse, Sandy Hagenhoff,
Brittany Hagenhoff and Seth Forck

Rookies - 2nd Place - 3311
Mike Forbis, Damien Laird, Earl Ousley,
Brian Ridenhour and Karen Forbis

 KY's Krew - 3rd Place - 3306
TJ Lewis, Russ Mertz, Chris Sandbothe,
Mandy Bax and Kevin Wansing

Drunk on a Lane 2 - 4th Place - 3280
Kenny Brewer, Aarron Hull, Amanda Wright,
Herb Walsh and Greg Brown

XTreme Body & Paint - 5th Place - 3277
Kirby Lindsay, Curt Quinn, Ron Quinn,
Greg Brauner and Kevin Gordon