WHO Bowl
January 13, 2018

Capital Bowl
Jefferson City, MO

KY's Krew was the big winner in the January WHO Bowl!

KY's Krew - 1st Place - 3384
Chris Sandbothe, Kevin Wansing, TJ Lewis,
Mandy Bax and Russ Mertz

Double Stuffed - 2nd Place - 3379
Clinton Wehmeyer, Jaclyn Morrow, Dennis Whittle,
Aimee Laramore and Cody Morrow

 Warehouse Tire - 3rd Place - 3354
Brandon Bellinger, Dennis Bentch, Kenny Taylor,
David Koelling and Eddie Mehrhoff

April's Fools - 4th Place - 3309
Chuck Clutts Jr., April Moreland, Dave Grieshammer,
Jim Pfautsch and Steve Resner